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Why including CDP-inside features inside CCaaS/CPaaS matters? 

Contact Centers are moving to the cloud and evolving from telephony/voice to hybrid approaches thanks to the addition of channels like the chat, co-browsing, video, etc. After the increase of possibilities to engage with the customer, it is time to know more about these customers to address them better, as well as to use the best touchpoint for each case. Embedding CDP features is the next big thing for the Customer Service industry.

Dec 22nd, 2021

In the last 20 years we have seen a shift of trends in the Contact Center Industry. From the on-premise deployments, where each solution (IVR, PBX, CTI, chat, etc.) was provided by a different vendor, the market moved to all-in-one solutions and started to look with less reluctance to the cloud. In the past, companies could have the best of breed vendor for each functionality (intelligent routing, outbound, messaging, etc.) and high customization was the rule, but also the related nightmare of integrations and version incompatibilities, as well as the complexity of maintaining a staff trained in different technologies.


As companies moved to more standardized solutions, they lost functionality but simplified a lot their lives. Less siloes meant a more holistic knowledge of their customers, the promised 360º customer view.

However, times evolved, and now Customer Service has turned, from being almost the only remote touchpoint with the customer, into being just a part in the customer engagement equation. The 360º view has reduced only to 180º, at its best. Social networks, webs, apps or chatbots have gotten in the way, making it difficult for the companies to have a single view of the customer, that could facilitate a better understanding of their relationship with the company and furthermore, their personal needs. Marketing teams are now key to manage customer interactions. As customers, it is expected not only to receive a good support when we initiate a conversation with the company but also that the company addresses us in the most empathetic manner: with personalized offers, at the times and through the channels we would like to be connected and making us feel unique and special. 

In the quest of knowing the customer better, companies have understood that only data can give them some clues but having a Datalake and a team of data scientists is not the simplest way to understand the customers. Customer Data Platforms, on the contrary, can unify the Service, Sales and Marketing experiences in one single place. All sources of customer data can introduce relevant information in one single analytics platform, where customer profiles are built and shared across departments. Thanks to the integration with other tools through API-based profiles, it is possible to apply personalization rules or activate campaigns, thus closing the engagement circle with the customer.

This new piece in the customer-service IT architecture, the CDP, adds value not only to the traditional CRMs and BIs but also to the CCaaS/CPaaS platforms. It is possible to embed CDP features inside Communications/CX platforms without generating a silo. A two-way API connector with the CRM will be the smooth way to share and update information and an API to access to the profiles will allow the customization of non-Contact-Center channels (web, app, branch agent desktop, etc.).

Here is an example of how customer profiles can be customized to contain the relevant information for each department when embedding a CDP.


General information from the customer, including the preferred channels, demographics or CRM segmentation.


The Customer journey across different channels.


Preferred channels of engagement with the company.


Customer actions, like transactions, orders, etc.

Facilitating the use of CDP features connected/embedded to CCaaS/CPaaS platform increases the role, power and stickiness of the solution provided. 

This is "why" some CCaaS/CPaaS vendors are building their own CDP in-house or planning to integrate with a CDP vendor via partnership. The time is now!
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