Banking/Fintech Behavioral CDP

The financial version of Whenwhyhow introduces a new data type, CUSTOMER ACTIONS, to collect transactions, display the metrics that result of that transactional activity and create enhanced profiles.

The data included in the CUSTOMER ACTIONS category can be card payments, purchase reimbursements, transfers, internal transfers, top-up's and PSD2 complementary customer banking records. This information is added to other data dimensions, like the customer activity through the different touchpoints, the customer segmentation and the external events, in order to obtain further insights about the customer behavior.

A more detailed explanation about the problem and how it can be solved is available here and how our CDP combined with PSD2 data can create an enriched multibanking-use profile is explained here.

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Understand the profitability and level of commitment in a multibanking scenario with your offerings and the stake of wealth.

Detect trends regarding how the customers move their assets across different banks and how you can upsell new products or increasing your customer ties or becoming the preferred bank.

Discover through shared payments your customer contacts and create combined offerings.

Make the most from PSD2 data, help your customers to discover how they use the different banks and create strategies to become more relevant for your customer. 

Now BaaS and neoBaaS vendors can also add a customer-intelligence add-on to their offering. Help your neobanks and payment enterprise customers understand and serve better their end-customers and ensure their growth.

Perform long term customer spending and investment analytics to identify vital cycles and behavioral changes and adapt the communication and offerings to them.

A demo of financial activity microsegmentation.

this type of microsegmentation can include financial and not financial conditions (sociodemographic segmentation, usage of channels, reactivity to a given external contexts).
The point is being able to rank your customers that fullfill a myriad of conditions to create special offerings, campaign activation or a ranking of profitability.

Is it required to have the complete set of data sources and channels integrated from the very beginning?

No, data sources and channels can be added gradually, in a flexible way. It is no required to have all of them to start working with the platform, and there is no requirement to integrate with the customer database either. If there is no segmentation available at the beginning of the integration, then the analysis will be performed over the whole users, and the individual customization. 


Whenwhyhow can get connected to core banking / neobanking using core banking Webhooks for full real time or in a programmed batch file provided by the BaaS neo/emi/BaaS, proccessing the incremental files (daily, weekly) and updating the customer profiles and aggregated BI metrics.

Whenwhyhow can create the "other banks" activity reporting provided by your PSD2 provider and create the connector with our API.
Additionally, Whenwhyhow has been accepted in the Nordigen Startup Programme and will have a dedicated connector and some credits for trials with neobanks/fintechs from this emerging PSD2 vendor that also has a free-layer.

Whenwhyhow only needs a userID not necessarely linked to a identificable identity. It allows to store and analyze customer information that only the bank/neobank could identify with the dupla identifier-customer_real_ID.

In cases where personal information will be included in Whenwhyhow, it is in a separated collection and could be encrypted. Whenwhyhow used MongoDB Atlas as database with a full set of security features.

Yes. New types of customer actions can be added and parameters indicate with types of automatic metrics can be generated (numerical treatment, label-counting or geolocation mapping).